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"UAB" Grila
Architektų g. 152, LT-04202, Vilnius, Lithuania
Company number: 304974858
VAT Number: LT100012081510

Arturas (LT - RU)
+370 618 22626

Alij (EN - RU)
+370 686 23003

WWW.GRILA.EU WOOD BIOFUEL Retail, wholesale and export
Charcoal Smokeless & Odorless
100% Hardwood

Our Firewood logs and Charcoal are made from Hardwood which burns longer and hotter leaving little ash.

Firewood High Density Oak Firewood
Low Moisture content

Timber with a low moisture content of less than 20% ideal heating fuel for your home or your business.

Pellets A1 Grade Wood Pellets